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Chairman meets President of Stirling Foundation, USA

December 1, the Chairman of the State Committee on Religious Associations Mubariz Gurbanli met with President and Board Director for the Stirling Foundation, USA, Miles Hansen.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the State Committee has discussed the importance given to interreligious harmony, multiculturalism, and tolerant values in Azerbaijan, as well as the high level of ensuring religious freedom. He has emphasized that Azerbaijan being a secular state, strictly adheres to the principle of equality in its attitude towards religious denominations. Consecutive measures are being taken to support the activities of 995 religious communities that have passed state registration including which 37 of them being non-Islamic. In addition to providing financial assistance to religious communities in Azerbaijan, equal attention is paid to all denominations in terms of construction, reconstruction, and repair of religious places of worship without any distinction.

President and Board Director for the Stirling Foundation has pointed out the great worth of interfaith dialogue and collaboration in our country. Touching Foundation’s activities in Azerbaijan, the guest also emphasized the potential for collaboration development between Brigham Young University and Azerbaijan Institute of Theology.

Then, the sides have exchanged extensive views over signing of a memorandum of agreement between the mentioned universities, along with around other matters of mutual interest.