Sayavush Jamil oghlu Heydarov

Deputy Chairman

Born: 1957, Shamkir, Azerbaijan

Education: Higher       

Professional background:

1982-1985: Caspian Sea Shipping Komsomol Committee, instructor, deputy secretary

1986-2011: State Security Committee - Ministry of National Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Military service.                 

2011-2014: Work at the Department of Primary Investigation of Tax Crimes under the Ministry of Taxes.                    

May 5, 2014: Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Awards:  "Tereqqi" (Medal of "Progress") medal for his effective work in the civil service by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated  June 21, 2017.               

He is the author of the book titled "Religion and Ideological Security".

Married, has two children.



Contact: (012) 437-31-14