Department of Organizing Religious Awareness Rising Activities

The head of the department – Sadig Aghalar oghlu Mirzayev

The Department organizes events and awareness rising projects aimed at protecting environment of religious tolerance, strengthening of mutual respects among different faiths and peaceful coexistence. Also, country-wide projects on rising awareness to prevent tendency of religious prejudice, radicalism, extremism, religious discrimination are to be implemented by the Department of Organizing Religious Awareness rising Activities. Some initiatives to raise awareness among young citizens to protect them harmful religious ideologies are being exercised, too. Scientific journal of “Dövlət və Din” (State and Religion), “Cəmiyyət və Din” (Society and Religion) newspaper of the State Committee and different religious literatures are being prepared for publishing.

The Department has eight employees.




Contact details:

Telephone: (012) 5057816

                   (012) 5057819