History of the Committee

The main objective of the committee's activity is the creation of favorable conditions for the freedom of worship as granted by Article 48 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a central executive power body, which is responsible for the implementation of the state policy in the sphere of religion, for the accurate observance of the regulations of the legislation on religious organizations, the relationship between religious organizations and the activities of corresponding bodies of the executive power.

It is evident that serious positive changes are observed in the religious life of the society in the years since freedom was attained. Not only verbal, but practical opportunities have been created in the realization of the freedom of faith and in the real sense of the word, the state advocates for the freedom of conscience. The establishment of an organization fulfilling the state policy in the sphere of the religious activity is an important fact not only for the state but also for the religious organizations. Azerbaijan is a nation state. But this does not mean the rejection of religion. This fact determines the substance of the state's political organization. Religion increases the human responsibilities for society and strengthens the feeling of patriotism. The state needs faithful, convinced citizens, for morality is appreciated as national wealth by the state which gives consideration to it. This factor is based on the foundation of the state policy on religion.

On the other hand, the society of Azerbaijan is open to the world. The embassies of foreign states, the representatives of international organizations, different centers of culture, the organizations of humanitarian help and charity, as well as the businessmen of different faiths all conduct their activity in liberal Azerbaijan. Different religious convictions unknown to the majority of the population and that are so indistinctive to Azerbaijan, sects derived from non-traditional religious tendencies influence society even today, which differently influences consciousness and the hearts of the people. The regulation of this contradicting process within the frames of the corresponding legislation, the creation of the corresponding situation to realize the provisions under the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan on freedom of conscience, guarantee to control the fulfillment of acts of the legislation concerning the freedom of faith and the problem of the registration of religious organizations all made it urgent for the establishment of the State Committee on the Work with Religious Organizations.

The major responsibilities of the Committee are: to create of the corresponding conditions to implement the freedom of faith, the state registration of the religious organisations in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to provide corresponding amendments and supplements to regulations (statues) of these organisations, on the request of the religious organisations to provide necessary aid for achievement of the agreement with the state organs and to expect their help in the solution of the necessary problems, to help in strengthening of mutual understanding, tolerance and respect between the religious organisations of different religious convictions, to prevent confrontation and discriminations and other negative cases happened on the religious ground.

State Committee on Religious Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan issues a bulletin twice a month for the purpose to inform the community.