Haji Javad mosque

Yasamal district

The new building of the Haji Javad Mosque covers 1,200 square meters. Only the area of ​​worship hall is about 400 square meters. The height of the dome of the temple is 18, and the height of the minaret is 33.7 meters. Inside the mosque, special decorative elements are used, and the edges of the dome are written in the Quran. The walls and pillars of the mosque were decorated with religious symbols using unique examples of Azerbaijani ornamental schools and oriental ornaments.

The first floor of the mosque, which can accommodate more than 500 people at the same time, is designed for men and the second floor for women. A new “Namazgah” rug is specifically designed for the Haji Javad Mosque. Inside the mosque are equipped modern ventilation systems.