Surakhani Heydar mosque

Surakhanı dıstrıct

The settlement’s mosque, built in 1999, was dedicated to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev at the local community’s request. The Heydar Mosque was built strictly in the Baku-Absheron architectural style. It has a single minaret, 25 metres tall, and covers a total area of 400 square metres. The mosque’s prayer hall can receive up to 200 people at one time.

New Surakhani is a new town, consisting of urban-type homes built for people working in the oil industry in the 30s of the last century. In fact, Surakhani village has ancient history and mosques that go back to before us. Firemen from around the world, Iran and India have come and visited this place where the fire came from. Today, the state-protected historic monument, known as Ateshgah, is considered a sacred temple for firefighters.

From the beginning of human history, man was inclined to fire, went to the place of light, and lived there. But there is a greater power that creates light and fire - God. A person goes to the mosque to worship in order to reach the truth.