Russian Orthodox Church in Ganja celebrates 136th anniversary

/ 11.09.2023 / 09:15

The Russian Orthodox Church named after Alexander Nevsky in Ganja has celebrated its 136th anniversary.

In this regard, religious rites were performed in the church in Ganja.

Archimandrite Alexiy (Nikonorov), the secretary of the Baku and Azerbaijan Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, and Orthodox Christians living in the city of Ganja and surrounding regions took part in the event related to the establishment of the church.

The church was constructed on the site of an ancient cemetery, allocated for charitable means by the local Orthodox Christians and Muslims. As of 1916, the church was considered a cathedral and in 1931, the church was closed down, and from 1935 to 1938 the building housed the museum of local history. Later the museum was transferred to another building and the church was turned into a warehouse. In 1946, the building was reopened as a church.

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