Ways to combat Islamophobia discussed in Brunei

/ 01.06.2023 / 16:53

Working visit to Brunei by the delegation composed of representatives from the State Committee on Religious Associations (SCRA) and Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) has completed.

Within the visit, the meetings have been held with Minister of Religious Affairs of Brunei Haji Badaruddin Bin Pengarah Haji Othman and Grand Mufti of Brunei Abdul Aziz Bin Juned.

At meetings, SCRA Deputy Chairman Gunduz Ismayilov gave detailed information on relations between State and religion, the Committee he is representing emphasizing that the Committee is a state body that pursues state policy in religious activity.

Mr. Ismayilov has said that representatives of all religious beliefs live in peace without national, racial, religious discrimination in Azerbaijan emphasizing existing tolerant and multicultural environment as an exemplary for the entire world.

The Deputy Chairman has focused on ways combating Islamophobia and mentioned Azerbaijan’s various measures in this direction and the great importance that the country attaches to the promotion of Islamic culture abroad.

Then, rector of the Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT), Assistant Professor Agil Shirinov gave extensive information on the activities of the institute, professions and degrees, scholarship programs, opportunities for free education, international relations of the Institute, contracts signed with universities abroad.

At the time of meetings, discussions were held on ways to combat islamophobia, building bilateral cooperation in the field of religious education and joint projects.

With the organizational support of the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Malaysia and Public Community “Idrak”, SCRA Deputy Chairman Gunduz Ismailov, Rector of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, Assistant Professor Agil Shirinov, Assistant to the Rector Emin Orujov and senior expert on international relations of the Institute Shahin Alaskerov attend the business visit.

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