The delegation to Malaysia held several meetings

/ 26.05.2023 / 12:19

The visit of the delegation of the State Committee on Religious Associations (SCRA) and Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) to Malaysia is underway. The delegation visited the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) as a part of an official visit from 22 to 26 May 2023.

At a meeting with the Rector of the International Islamic University Malaysia, Professor Julkifli Abdul Razak, discussions were held on relations between state and religion, combating Islamophobia, boosting relations among higher education institutions, implementation of joint projects in the framework of bilateral cooperation, studying international best experience in science and education, realizing teacher and student exchange programs.

Then, the Rector, Julkifli Abdul Razak has briefed the visitors about the institution he is representing and has described projects that could possibly be implemented between two higher education institutions.

SCRA Deputy Chairman Gunduz Ismayilov gave information about the State Committee, current religious situation, tolerant and multicultural environment in Azerbaijan.

Mr. Ismayilov emphasized close friendly and fraternal relations existing among ethnic and religious communities in the territory of Azerbaijan throughout history, adding people with various religious beliefs live in peace without allowing national, racial, religious discrimination in our country.

The Deputy Chairman noted Azerbaijan’s counter Islamophobia and drew attention to the international conference themed “Islamophobia as a special form of racism and discrimination: New global and transnational challenges” held in Azerbaijan in March of this year.

Rector of Azerbaijan İnstitute of Theology, Assistant Professor Agil Shirinov gave detailed information about the university he represents and drew attention to the fact that the training is conducted on two directions- “Religious Studies” and “Islamic Studies”.

Subjects containing descriptive information on other greater religions, in particular Judaism and Christianity are taught in “Religious Studies” as well along with İslam. Subjects studying Islam very much from different sides are taught in “Islamic Studies” and graduates will work as clergy.

Rector Agil Shirinov emphasized his interest of joint projects based on protocol of intent signed between the two universities.

Then the delegation attended the “round table” dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and visited the Faculty of Islamic Religious Knowledge and Humanities of the university, the university library.

With the organizational support of the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Malaysia and Public Community “Idrak”, SCRA Deputy Chairman Gunduz Ismailov, Rector of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, Associate Professor Agil Shirinov, Assistant to the Rector Emin Orujov and senior expert on international relations of the Institute Shahin Alaskerov attend the business trip.


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