A meeting held with representatives of “Atabey” organization in State Committee

/ 15.05.2023 / 16:49

May 15, the Chairman of the State Committee on Religious Associations (SCRA) Mubariz Gurbanli met with Belgian photographer Franck Depaifve, president of “Atabey” organization Yuniesxy Fajardo Fuentes and project coordinator Julie Beaufils.

The Chairman of the State Committee has briefed the guests on historical background of multicultural and tolerant environment in Azerbaijan adding freedom of religious belief in Azerbaijan is fully guaranteed and equal conditions have been created for all religious confessions. The law on “Freedom of religious belief” provides all opportunities for every citizen, regardless of religious and ethnic affiliation, the Chairman said. M.Gurbanly emphasized consistent policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev of further strengthening and developing relations between different religious faiths in our country based on reciprocal respect.

The State constantly renovates and restores churches and synagogues, builds new ones along with mosques and provides financial assistance to support the activities of religious organizations each year.

The guests emphasized the significance of Azerbaijan being among the countries where representatives of different faiths and people live together, tolerance is maintained at a high level and multifaceted policy aimed at preserving traditions of multiculturalism that deserve praise. The guests said that they would implement several projects related to Azerbaijan, adding significance of wider promotion and campaigning multicultural and tolerant traditions of Azerbaijan.

Representatives of the company have visited Azerbaijan for the purpose of photographing buildings with a special architectural style and the Red settlement in Azerbaijan for the exhibition “AR NUVO” to be held in Belgium.

Then, the guests were presented books published by the SCRA in foreign languages about the tolerant environment in Azerbaijan.

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